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You?re sprawled on his apartment?s kitchen floor, listening to some band you?ve never heard of and he?s talking modern art and revolutionary politics as you sip at a beer that looks and tastes a lot like piss. He?s staring right into your eyes, waiting for an answer to some question he?s asked and you nod enthusiastically and look away. You?re not listening to a word he says, you?re just watching him, the way his mouth moves, the way his hands dance, the way his eyes flash when he gets to something he really loves. You make a wish that someday you can make his eyes light up like that.

Your nod seems to have satisfied him because he?s talking again and this time you?re trying to listen, really you are, it?s just not working. He?s waiting for an answer again and you can?t fake it anymore so you ask him to repeat his question.

He sighs and says, so slowly that one would think he considers you mildly retarded, ?Could you teach me to play guitar?? You laugh and answer, ?I could try.? He fetches your guitar from the front hallway, opens the case and sits down, supporting the instrument on his lap while wrapping his hand around the neck. ?I have no idea what I?m doing,? he admits.

You scoot in behind him, one leg on either side of his body, and position his hands on the guitar. ?I?m just going to teach you a couple chords right now,? you mutter. ?This is C.? He repeats it, following your fingers. It?s a little off but you fix his fingers and suddenly it?s right. He makes such a happy noise at the sound that you can?t help but smile. He plays it a few more times before waiting patiently for you to teach him another. You shape his fingers and he plays G; this makes him happier than the first and he turns to face you, kissing your cheek and then your lips. Your eyes grow wide as his mouth lingers against yours.

You close your hands around his and the kiss lasts, slow and sweet. You?ve dreamed of this moment, but this moment is better than your dreams. When it ends, you?re a bit dizzy and you?re not sure what happens next. He, however, doesn?t seem to share your confusion.

?I?m pro now, right? So, like, teach me a song,? he says. ?Mary had a fucken lamb or something.?

~...but every time I stare at you, you just close your eyes...~
6.2.06 21:53

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